~Bee The Change~

My name is Andrew and I am the founder of Bee The Beard. The company was stablished in 2020 with the idea that I wanted to "Bee The Change" that I wanted to see in beard products. I was tired of not understanding the list of chemicals used in the products I was buying, so I came up with a simple solution–create my own line of all natural products that I could be proud of! Many of the products on the market are actually harmful to bees, a very important part of our future, and I wanted to make sure we did things differently to play our part in the community. This isn't about the money to me, this is about making a difference in the world I live in.

~Did You Know?~

For centuries Beeswax has had many uses essential to everyday life. However, as years have gone we've lost sight of the bigger picture. Beekeepers harvest over 213 metric tons of beeswax each year specifically for use in the beauty products you all know and love. Bees use what's called "Propolis" to protect their young in the hive from bacteria. This wax comes directly from the hive walls uncapping the larvae, weakening their immune system and often leading to death.

Bee The Beard works with local Bee enthusiasts and uses only the wax that falls to the bottom of the hive, 97% of which is usually reworked into different shapes and sizes and never used in the hive again making our process 100% Bee friendly and ensuring that we are being ethical and sustainable with our products. We welcome you to be apart of our community and "Bee The Change"

We believe in using only the finest ingredients in your beard. You will find that all components of our products are 100% organic and always hand crafted, leaving you with a beard that is SURE to impress all your friends!


We welcome you to shop around and explore all the products, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out!



- The Beard Connoisseur